Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Closed On Monday - Beard Balm and Matte Moisturiser

Last month Mankind and Closed On Monday teamed up to provide a male blogger chat on grooming and hair care. Using #MKXCOM, this was the first blogger chat that that I have seen that was designed around and for male bloggers, focusing on our interests and products.

As much as I love the other weekly chats I have been a part of, it was a really nice and refreshing change to be able to have a man talk and pick up tips. As part of this chat there was a giveaway prize that I won, so today will be a review on how I have gotten on with using Closed On Monday's Beard Balm and Matte Moisturiser.

Beard Balm - £12.50
The Beard Balm is designed to help control and shape your beard in the style that you want it, whilst also providing a conditioned and soft to the touch feel. It is an oil based balm so to get the best use out of it, it is recommended that you warm it in the palm of your hands first and then apply to your beard. It has a wooden smell to it due to the mild Sandalwood with hints of Vetiver and smells nice but not an over powering at all. I haven't used a Beard Balm before and I haven't used this as much as I would have liked as I had a slight beard change due to a christening, but so far I am impressed with how soft it has made my goatee and chinstrap style feel.

Matte Moisturiser - £22.50
The Matte Moisturiser's aim is to re-awaken and uplift dull, tired skin. Using over 190 different active bio ingredients, with the main one being Japanese sea-buckthorn extract. The Matte Moisturiser tackles dry skin while leaving your face feeling soft and with no shine due to the anti-shine elements within. It is perfect to use all year round with an SPF of 15. I have actually used this every day morning and night since I received it and I will be honest I really do like it. My face feels soft and smooth and due to it not being oil based, I never find my face feeling greasy or slick. I am impressed with how long this lasts throughout the day as well. 

The Matte Moisturiser has become a staple in my skin care routine and hopefully once I have grown my beard back the Beard Balm will too. Have you tried any Closed On Monday skin care products yet?

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