Friday, 14 October 2016

The Philips One Blade

As a man who takes pride in the fact that I can grow a decent looking beard I have been trying to find a trimmer that will help keep it looking sharp, without being difficult to use. So when the opportunity arose to review Philips Christmas Gift ideas alongside Alice, it was one that I was definitely interested in.

I chose the Philips OneBlade* beard trimmer while Alice chose the Philips Satinelle EpilatorI currently use the Philips Beard and Stubble 4 in 1 3000 series to keep my face looking fresh and not allowing it to overgrow into a patchy mess. (I unfortunately can't pull of Opie's Sons Of Anarchy beard) While I like this trimmer for a general shave, when it comes to precision and getting rid of the awkward stray hairs, I find it doesn't excel too well. This is where the OneBlade comes into play.

The OneBlade is designed to cut the hair on your face and not the skin. Using a revolutionary design the OneBlade is able to cut in any direction, meaning that going against the grain isn't a problem. The blade head itself moves 200 times a second and each blade will last for four months. The OneBlade can be used as both a wet or dry shaver and comes in grades 1, 3 and 5, allowing you to cut, trim or completely shave your beard how you see fit. 

Using a Li-ION battery that lasts for 60 minutes from a four hour charge, I was really impressed with the Philips OneBlade, despite the fact I messed up my beard and turned it into a goatee as the cut was better than I expected on my first use. I have definitely found my trimmer of choice. 

What's your go to beard trimmer?

*PR Sample


  1. Great post buddy; have just posted my thoughts too. I've been really impressed, a few weeks in and I'm really happy I bought one, it's replacing by BaByliss iStubble.

    1. I actually read and saw your post just before I got mine. I agree it is definitely one of the better trimmers I've tried. I just have to get used to moving the trimmer slower and not messing my beard up.