Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Pumpkin Picking At PickWell Farm

On what was meant to be a lazy Sunday morning Alice and I went up to Pickwell Farm in Eastleigh to go pumpkin picking with Halloween soon upon us. We had been meaning to go up to Pickwell earlier in the summer to collect Strawberry's and other summer fruits but we were unsure how far away the farm itself was.

On a beautiful Sunday morning with clear blue skies and a late summer heat we took a trip up the road and met with Dan, Henry and Rachel to take a look around and see what we could get. Although Pickwell is a working farm, you are able to go on to the patches and see the fruit and vegetables yourself. A large part of Pickwell is Pick Your Own, meaning that for a large variety of produce you can see which take your eye and pick the fruit and veg that you would like.

After a small walk past the fields we came to the Pumpkin Patch and it looked amazing. It was a field where all you can see is Pumpkins ranging in all different shapes and sizes, so you're able to have a look around and pick the perfect Halloween Pumpkins. I also managed to use this setting as a perfect outfit photo (As you can see my pose needs work). After picking our perfect Pumpkins, we took a further look around and then made our way to the farm store, where more of their locally grown food is sold. 

The day trip was actually a lot more fun and interesting than I thought it would be and is now going to be a planned trip every few months to see what we can pick for ourselves as the prices we outrageously cheap (Our seven Pumpkins came to £7) and it will be fun to see Henry's reactions to being able to his own fruit. 

Outfit - Coat from River Island, T-Shirt from New Look, Jeans from Eto and Adidas trainers.


  1. Aww! This looks like so much fun! I wish there was one near me. This is the downside of no longer living in Southampton, clearly. Awesome photos :)

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. It's the little things like this dotted around Southampton that helped me stay. It was good fun and thank you :).