Sunday, 30 October 2016

Oxygen Freejumping

After meeting up with the Sotonblogger girls a few months ago to try out Orange Rooms Freakshakes, it was time to for another meetup and this one was with a bit of a difference. We went to Oxyygen Freejumping trampoline park in Southampton to burn off the calories from previously mentioned Freakshakes but also have a go at bouncing around at one of the newer trends currently going.

We arrived at the trampoline park round 10 minutes early, this is because Freejumping is actually classed as an extreme sport. Due to this, you are required to complete a waiver stating that you are aware of dangers involved and that you are happy to continue. This only needs to be completed your first time there, any subsequent visits means they already have your waiver. Once that is completed and out the way of,you then get a pair of socks specifically for the park. (which is normally £10 an hour and you keep the socks) After you are given the do's and don't of the park you are on your way.

There are 6 different area's for you to try. The giant air bag where you can run and perform a trick or jump of your choice into said air bag safely, the free style trampolines where if your are comfortable or a more experienced jumper you can learn/do more advance moves or run up walls, 2 dodgeball courts for trampolining and dodgeball mixed into one, a free jumping area and finally a free running and obstacle course.

For our our we were given one of the dodgeball courts so that we could take pictures and have a bit of fun. (The park was packed and we needed an area for photos) Unfortunately I only managed to enjoy around 10-15 minutes as an injury (not myself for once) occurred and I was needed to assist but it also allowed me to view the seating area and cafe. 

Although Oxygen isn't probably the best place if you are injury prone, it really was a good place to go for an hour or so and have fun reenacting your younger years. If you have been to a trampoline park what was your experience like?

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