Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Sotonbloggers Freak Shake Event

On Saturday I met up with twenty bloggers at Orange Rooms in Southampton, for the Sotonbloggers Freak Shake event. This was the first blogging meet up I had been to since starting blogging, I arrived at 12:30 with a few others to help set up the event then made my way to the bar to grab a Mojito (what else would I have?!). The weather unfortunately was cold and wet but everyone that came was nice, friendly and more than happy to sit down and talk about blogging.

The Freak Shakes were 2000 calories of milky goodness and came in three different flavours, Vanilla Doughnut, Strawberry Tart and what I chose, Chocolate Muffin. These were ridiculous in size, being served in large jam jars with a full sized Doughnut, Muffin or Strawberry Tart (they also provide dairy free milkshakes on request). After the standard photo session took place for Instagram I got started on my milkshake eventually finishing it and falling into a sugar coma.

Once we had all eaten or been defeated by our Freak Shakes, we bought further drinks and sat as a group to talk further, chill out and enjoy each others company. This then led to the TV promo style group picture, which looks awesome. I'll be honest, I was a bit nervous about the meeting as I was only 1 of 2 male bloggers there despite the fact that I actually knew quite a few of the girls at the event. I had a really good time with everyone and would strongly recommend going to a blogging event at least once. 

If you have been to a meet up before, what was your favourite? 

(Photos provided by myself & Rachel from


  1. So glad you enjoyed your first blogging event! Those milkshakes look fucking amazing but I'd probably be defeated by them as well.
    Not blogger related but I did go to Manchester late last year to meet up with my girl gang (we have a fb group that we all talk to each other on) it was so spontaneous and despite having to leave early to get back up home I had the best time! Heading to Liverpool in December for wintercarnLIVal so I'm hoping that's fab too :)

    Alana x // A Rose For Epona

    1. Yea I did, it was great fun catching up with people I knew and people I didn't. I'll be honest I probably could of had another one lol. The girl gang ones, are they the Dorkface event? If so I have seen some of these around and they look good fun. Hopefully wintercarnLIVal is a good one.

  2. These shakes look awesome, love the group pic at the end!

    1. They are as good as they look and the group photo really did turn out well