Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Our Engagement Party

On the 30th of July, Alice and I were able to celebrate our engagement with our friends and family. As Mettricks Old Town is the place that we spend a lot of time in, there wasn't a more fitting place for us to hold our event.

(Pictures taken by illustratedteacup)

If you have never been there, Mettricks Old Town has a very rustic feel to which fits the area perfectly and was ideal for the decorations we had in mind. Neil and the team at Mettricks were amazing from start to finish and were constantly ensuring that there was food and drink available to all. 

For our engagement, Alice and I chose to both wear navy, both my shirt and trousers were from Matalan and my shoes were from Primark. I was pleasantly surprised with both the quality and comfort of my outfit as I wouldn't normally think of either place if I was looking for a smart outfit to wear. 

The decorations were either sourced or created by Alice who did an amazing job in both organising and creating the little memoirs of our relationship throughout our four years together, that where scattered through the venue. My favourite of these was the way she included her late grandfathers into the even with picture of them both and re-purposing one of their old navy suitcases. 

I honestly do not think we could of had a better evening, it was really enjoyable to see family and friends come down to Southampton from all over the world to celebrate and catch up. All of the pictures you see were provided by our friend Rachael, who also asked me to be a Godparent to her's and Dan's son Henry. I couldn't have had a better night with people who we care about.



  1. Thanks for linking me!! Glad you guys had a great evening. And I'm so happy to have you as Henry's Godfather!!

    Rachel //

    1. Not a problem, thank you for doing such awesome pictures and asking me.

  2. Congratulations! Glad you had a great evening - all sounded fab! x

    1. Thank you very much, it really was a good night