Saturday, 3 September 2016

Lush - Ickle Baby Bot

You can guarantee a trip made into town is always an excuse for browse in Lush Cosmetics but I find the majority of their products are aimed at the female audience, guess what.... Men wash too and occasionally we also like a bath bomb in our baths for a little masculine pampering. Whenever Alice drags me in to shove flowery scented products up my nose there is one I always make sure goes in the basket for me and that is Ickle Baby Bot.

Ickle Baby Bot is actually a bath bomb aimed for children to be used before bed to help them sleep but as it seems to be the only bath product without glitter, petals or a strong feminine scent, it has long been the bath bomb of my choice.

I also buy Ickle Baby Bot as it's delicate to skin and as I suffer with dry skin, irritations and eczema, I find that it doesn't cause any problems or flare ups. It contains Chamomile Blue, Lavender and Sandlewood aromatherapy oils so it's also great for when you need a relaxing evening which is when I usually find Alice has used my last one.

What's your favourite bath bombs from Lush?

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