Sunday, 11 September 2016

Hearthstone and Chill

No no no this isn't on the same level as Netflix and Chill. Hearthstone has been my go to game when it comes to chilling out, whether that be after a long day at work or because I've tilted myself into oblivion playing other games.

 Hearthstone is a free to play, turn based card game that is linked to World of Warcraft. You can choose to play as a hero from one of the nine different classes to out manoeuvre your opponent and get them from 30 HP to 0 as soon as you can but it's not that easy as that. Each player gets 30 cards from a deck that they have hand built containing minions, champions and spells that you can find in World of Warcraft.

Once you're through the usual tutorial (which is actually a good one for F2P), you unlock Jana who is the hero for the Mage class. As a way to ease yourself into the game it is recommended you unlock the remaining 8 classes and get them all up to level 10. This will then allow you unlock class specific cards and give a little bit more of an idea what crafting is to start building your own decks. This also assists in helping to obtain cards for the daily tasks, which if you complete, you're then rewarded with coins to use at your disposal.

When you reach at least level 10 on each class (this is the preferred route but you can start ASAP), you're then ready to progress to other areas of Hearthstone. You have your usual player matches, ranked where you start at level 25 and try to progress to a lower level (which if you get to level 20 before the month is done you get a reward). 

The expansions which you go through are designated stories to obtain more cards as you progress, these can either be bought using real money or you can save your coins and purchase that way. The arena is where you use your coins, create a deck from random cards and see how long you can go without losing. Tavern Brawl is where there is a random and wacky situation you play out just for the fun of it.

The last feature that has been introduced which I love, is the ability to now stream Blizzard games through your client on to Facebook. Allowing your friends to watch you game as you go. I love Hearthstone and it helps pass the time in many a situation as you can also play on tablet or mobile phone. I wouldn't use any other game to spend my spare time on.

What games do you play seriously and then in your spare time? Let me know.

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